Good Co. Trading is a boutique international specialty coffee trader, delivering the best and most varied range of green bean coffees from the Indian subcontinent, to the coffee roasters of Australia and New Zealand.

We have always operated and positioned ourselves as a flexible and independent importer and supplier of green bean coffees, servicing all types of coffee roasters.

Good Co. Trading has a legacy of coffee growing within the founding members. We are fortunate to have the experience of being plantation owners in India.

Our extensive knowledge of growing coffee as farmers in the southern evergreen region of Coorg and Chikmagalur has ingrained us with an intrinsic sense of quality and commitment. This is a value that is highlighted right from the selection process to the delivery of the beans, and has been the driving force behind our success.

Your requirements as either a master roaster, green coffee buyer or boutique roaster will be accommodated, as enthusiasm, commitment and quality deliverance has been the basis of our trading ethos since inception

For varieties of green beans available & orders please contact us on +91 80 8066 6386 or